55% developer, 45% designer

Casey graduated from the University of Miami in 2015 with a focus in advertising and communications. While she was finishing her degree she began working at a digital design firm and learning to code in her free time. She went on to join that design firm full-time as a marketing and digital development specialist after graduation. While there, she developed her skills of graphic design and web development to serve a variety of clientele. She has worked with a variety of clients, anywhere from international cruise liners to start up nonprofits to multi-million mix-use developments in the heart of downtown Miami. 

After 5 years at an award-winning design firm, she went on to become Director of Marketing at a fin-tech company. During her time as the Director of Marketing she was able to completely rebrand the existing parent company and launch a new venture for the company on a global scale. While she was there, she completely rehauled the marketing department and built out a full sales funnel to track every cent of ad spend to a customer’s lifetime value. 

Casey currently holds the position of webmaster for the College of Engineering and Computing at Florida International University. She manages over 300 websites and a small web team to help students and faculty disseminate their ground breaking research to the world. She is working to rebrand the college websites to increase user interaction and make them more intuitive to potential students. 

She has a knack for taking tech talk and making it accessible for everyone. She has been dubbed the “tech translator” on a lot of the teams that she has worked with. Her 10 years of experience working as project managers for a variety of technology projects has helped her hone in on her skill of taking a client’s dream and developing it into a reality. Her experience in a variety of web based projects and applications have helped her realize her passion for bridging the gap between a clients needs and the vast tech landscape. 

When she is not tech translating, she enjoys all things design. Though her passion is in UI/UX design, she has worked on a variety of design projects, both print and digital. She has a keen attention to detail with everything she does and loves pushing brands to their limits with new designs and campaigns. She can easily translate ideas to design and then to see it all the way through to production with unparalleled detail and creativity. 

She loves helping clients develop their brand story through the digital landscape and helping them find the right tools to leverage and scale their business. Her goal is to streamline companies’ marketing processes with a variety of cutting edge MarTech tools to automate their marketing campaigns and save companies time and money.