How the stock photography you’re picking can make or break your website​

According to 3M, we can process visuals 60,000 times faster than we process words. Pictures aren’t just there to fill the page, they’re there to make an emotional connection with your customers. Your picture choices will make your brand more memorable if the pictures chosen resonate with your audience. Here are a few tips on how to nail the right photography that fits your brand.

Is your web design working for your business? Put your user experience to the test with these experiments.​

Whether you’re designing a new site or redesigning an existing site, it’s always important to know how your website is being received by your users. In a study done by Gomez, they discovered that a whopping 88% of users are less likely to return to a website if they have a bad user experience. There are plenty of tools today that are easily accessible in order to get informative data from your users on how they interact with your site and avoid bad user experiences altogether. This data can tell you everything from how long users are staying on each page to which button color converts more users on a form. Here are a few tests you can run in order to see if your user experience is getting you the best results.

Why understanding your contribution margin is critical to breaking even as a freelance web designer

The number one question freelance web designers always ask is: how do I determine prices for clients and decide what my rate should be? It would be really easy to throw out a random number based on what you think your worth is or base your pricing model off of what your competitors are doing, but are you really breaking even when it comes down to it? Determining your break even point is critical to not only surviving, but thriving as a freelancer.

Typographic Hierarchy: it’s not just for designers anymore

As web developers, we don’t necessarily place importance on the design aspects of a web page, so much as making sure that everything functions properly and quickly for our end-users. Sometimes we are so focused on page load times and file sizes, that things like typography and typographical hierarchy can get easily overlooked when building a new site.

Great design is the key to getting your luxury property sold fast

The average luxury home took 116 days to sell in 2017, 45 days longer than the rest of the housing marketing in the U.S. The real estate market today is flooded with flyers, brochures, and websites from realtors all trying to get their property sold fast but including all the same information and styling as their competitor.